Wanderlust: Port Aransas, Texas

Every two years, my programs takes a weekend trip to Port Aransas, Texas, home to the University of Texas Marine Science Institute. Port A is about four hours away from Austin and is one of the longest barrier islands along the Texas coast. It’s now become a fishing, beach and resort village, and the weather is incredibly nice (though be prepared for extreme humidity and lots of sunscreens, or sunburns, in our case).

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Addressing sexual assault in the United States through the lenses of de Goya’s “Disasters of Wars”

A couple posts back, I wrote about the Blanton Museum of Art here on campus, which is home to some really cool temporary and permanent exhibitions. Last semester, Francisco de Goya’s etchings were here on display, and for one of my classes, I wrote a paper using the themes in his etchings to look at sexual assault in the United States today. It’s definitely a pretty long read — but it’s also a subject that needs to be addressed.

(de Goya, F. 1810-1820. Real Academia CalcografĂ­a. Etching. Davidson Galleries.)

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2016/2017 Tag: The Beginning of Anything You Want

First off, this post is incredibly late because I’ve had so much to do this year (I’m taking 17 hours, please save me haha *nervous laughter.* Also, I’m doing this instead of studying for physics because #procrastinationftwbutnotreallyillgettoiteventuallyipromise). Anyways, thanks to the lovely Jen Li and Tede who both nominated me for this tag, like, two months ago.

And of course, the final thanks goes to David from The Guy Who Said Always No, who created this tag.


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Wanderlust: Tirano (Italy)

Like I mentioned last time, during our stay at Davos, we signed up for a two-day trip to Tirano, Italy. Tirano is a small town in the province of Sondrio in northern Italy is adjacent to the Switzerland-Italy boundary. Because we weren’t able to stay for long (and the majority of the time we spent on the train), we only managed to walk around some parts of the town, though it is very lovely! I had hoped to put my meager Spanish skills to use, as I had been told Spanish and Italian were very similar. Nonetheless, it only occurred to me how to say “Post Office” in Spanish after I had left Italy…

This was a pretty cool photo I took while we were passing through a tunnel.

This was a pretty cool photo I took while we were passing through a tunnel on the Bernina Express.

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a chapter in a book, waiting to be written

It’s a tad bit late to be sharing this, but I’m just so bad at keeping my New Year’s Resolution that I figured maybe sharing my list publicly would force me to at least try a lil’ harder this time, haha. Anyways, here’s 17 things I hope to do/do better in 2017. 🙂

Below is a picture I took when I was in Switzerland. We were walking on the mountains when we noticed a bunch of these rock sculptures, where people had stacked rocks on each other and left them there. Not really sure what they’re for, but I think each sculpture has its own personal meaning to its maker. So below is the one that I built, and although now I don’t know if it’s still up there, or what the specific meaning was anymore, but now it’ll be representing my new goals for this year!


New year’s resolution

  1. Be more focused on coursework; stop procrastinating and stop spending so much time on the Internet/social media.
  2. Every Sunday, I’ll try to post ten things that made me happy/smile that week.
  3. Spend less time on phone/set aside time for phone use.
  4. Read more, particularly when you have free time.
  5. Don’t spend too much money on eating out/shopping (you’re broke af, girl).
  6. Go to bed before midnight (unless absolutely necessary) and wake up before 8 am every day.
  7. Be more open, and get to know more people/make more friends!
  8. Aim for all As (hahahah…………………..>.>………..)
  9. Eat healthier and cut back on sugar and sweets.
  10. Give everything I do my 100% best!
  11. Cut toxic relationships from my life and be okay with that. Make better ones! 
  12. Balance schoolwork and social life. Don’t go out too much, but also don’t spend all your time cooped up in the dorm.
  13. Be open-hearted and open-minded. Happy and good thoughts only!
  14. Exercise at least four times a week at the gym.
  15. Appreciate friends and family more. Call home more often, and keep in touch with friends at home.
  16. Every day, do something that makes ME happy.
  17. Be more willing to step outside of my comfort zone.

So there’s that! Hopefully this year, I can actually do most of these! 🙂



“I Love Winter!” Tag

The wonderful Finicky Cynic has nominated me for the “I Love Winter” tag, and although Texas here doesn’t really have a winter (or rather, sporadically it does — today’s high is 75 and tomorrow’s is 43…), I’m glad to participate! 🙂

My Kind of Winter

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first my mother, forever my friend

I’ve put off writing this for an incredibly long time now, because I’ve never realized how hard such a seemingly simple topic would turn out to be.

How would you describe a best friend in just five-hundred words? Even five thousand words cannot do justice to the memories, experiences, love and strength of such a relationship. And when your best friend is your mother, there really aren’t enough words and languages in this world to exactly capture what she means to me.

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