Explore ATX: Iron Works & The Texas Barbeque Culture

Austin (and really, Texas in general) is known for its famous BBQ spots, such as Franklin’s (where lines can get up to seven hours long), Stiles Switch, and Iron Works. During finals week, my friends and I went out to Iron Works for a break from studying, and it is definitely worth the hype (and very quick service too!)

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Explore ATX: a day at the public library (aka, surviving finals season)

When finals season comes around, I’m always trying to find new study places — to both get a change of scenery and to escape the people camping out and taking spots next to all the outlets in the campus study spots.

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Explore ATX: Mozart’s Coffee & Trail of Lights

It’s the middle of the summer, sure, but I like to think that anytime is an appropriate time to talk about Christmas! Austin always has a lot of things to do, but some staple events to do over the Christmas holidays are definitely to check out the Trail of Lights and visit Mozart’s Coffee for a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate and look at the Christmas light show.

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explore ATX: Kerbey Lane

Kerbey Lane is Austin’s staple 24-hour restaurant, known for its breakfast items (specifically, incredible pancakes) & queso.

Thankfully for me, there’s a Kerbey about three minutes away from where I live, and it’s perfect to just stop by in the morning, during the day, after a late night test or study session, or even when it’s 1 AM and I’m just craving breakfast (because technically 1AM is the next day and so breakfast food is justifiable). Kerbey’s always had a warm and welcome feel to it, and when we went, they even gave me a free pancake for my birthday! We ordered the Paris Texas Platter (French Toast & Migas, which consists of scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, tortilla chips, cheddarjack cheese), a full stack of lemon poppy seeds pancakes, and the Breakfast Platter, consisting of two eggs, two half size pancakes and a cup of fruit.

If you’re ever in Austin, definitely stop by Kerbey (it does get pretty crowded at night though) and try out their signature queso, pancakes, or breakfast items!

explore ATX: Barton Creek Greenbelt

Up next in our Explore Austin series is the Barton Creek Greenbelt, which is located in south-central Austin. The Greenbelt contains 12.68 miles of beautiful, scenic trails for hiking, limestone bluffs for rock climbing & swimming. A creek, aptly named Barton Creek, passes through Barton Creek Greenbelt and some of the more scenic areas in Greater Austin.

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explore ATX: Blue Cat Cafe

This summer, I’m spending my time here in Austin to do some research, but of course, now there’s no longer any school/homework for me to worry about, I can actually go and explore Austin on the weekends! I’ll be starting my new Explore ATX series, which will hopefully highlight some of Austin’s gems that you, if you ever get the chance to come down here to Austin, can maybe check out later yourself! First up, Blue Cat Cafe.

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