explore ATX: Barton Creek Greenbelt

Up next in our Explore Austin series is the Barton Creek Greenbelt, which is located in south-central Austin. The Greenbelt contains 12.68 miles of beautiful, scenic trails for hiking, limestone bluffs for rock climbing & swimming. A creek, aptly named Barton Creek, passes through Barton Creek Greenbelt and some of the more scenic areas in Greater Austin.

Last weekend, a group of us went to Barton Creek to spend some time out of the lab and in nature. At around 2 pm, we drove over to find a good place to rent out kayaks. The four of us rented two doubles, each spending about $7, which covered an hour of kayaking. The sun was out, but the water definitely cooled us down. About twenty minutes out from the rental dock was a gorgeous place to see the skyline of greater Austin from the water, so we spent some time relaxing out there (okay, kayaking was so tiring on my already non-existent arm muscles LOL.)

After our hour finished, we headed over to Bouldin Creek Cafe, which was about a five minute drive away. The cafe is all vegetarian & probably my new favorite place to eat in Austin. I got the Veggie Royale, a veggie burger served on grilled ciabatta bread with green-leaf lettuce, red onion, locally grown tomatoes & chipotle-pecan pesto, with a side of chips & salsa. My friends ordered the Breakfast Sandwich, two organic, pasture raised eggs, melted cheddar-jack cheese on a choice of toast (sourdough, wheat or rye) & the Good Livin’ Salad, made of fresh basil, diced organic apple, red onion, carrots, sunflower sprouts, orange-marinated beets, locally grown tomatoes & pecans on a bed of organic mixed greens.

Barton Creek is popular among locals and tourists alike because it brings a much-needed natural source for relaxation in the city of Austin. Would certainly recommend this lovely greenbelt!!



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