The earth is what we all have in common

It’s no coincidence that Earth Day and March for Science are scheduled for the same day. It may not hold the answers to everything, but science is the best thing we have for making both our lives, and our planet’s health, better.

March for Science was held early today all across the US, from Washington to Los Angeles to Austin. It was incredibly awe-inspiring to see over 10,000 people march in Austin alone, from scientists young and old to teachers to librarians to even dogs! Today, and every day, we stand up for science.  We demand that politicians no longer disregard the voices of the science community, and that they no longer hold politics over science. Science itself isn’t inherently political, but if our politicians are going to continue ignoring the science backing climate change or the science backing vaccines and women’s health, then we’re going to show up at the ballots and vote for science.

A while back, I wrote a post about climate change here. In it, I wrote about what I thought was the biggest problem in the fight against climate change was: losing our voices, our only true leverage against large industrial corporations. But now, I think we finally found it again. Perhaps the one good thing about this election is that Donald Trump, Scott Pruitt and the overall actions of the majority of the Republican party has angered so many people. And today, these people showed up to voice their beliefs. No, we’re not paid protestors, we’re not part of any bullshit liberal conspiracy, and we’re not here to protest just to protest and forget about it later. We’re here to show that science isn’t made of alternative facts, to show the politicians around the world that the people care about and will fight today and everyday for science and for this beautiful planet we live on.


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