Sweet Tooth: Chinese Coconut Milk Buns

You can probably find these Chinese coconut milk buns at a lot of stores in Chinatown. These were a staple item in the grocery bag whenever we had the chance to go to a Chinese store. But of course, isn’t it so much more fun to make things in the comfort of your own house? 🙂

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Sweet Tooth: Amber Walnuts

Here’s an extremely simple yet delicious lil’ recipe for Amber Walnuts to add a bit of spice and edge to your life! 🙂 Walnuts are a staple part of the Chinese diet, and we love to eat them as snacks (they’re said to be good for your brain and hair, too, but I cannot verify that statement…but I can verify that they’re extremely yummy!)

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Wanderlust: Port Aransas, Texas

Every two years, my programs takes a weekend trip to Port Aransas, Texas, home to the University of Texas Marine Science Institute. Port A is about four hours away from Austin and is one of the longest barrier islands along the Texas coast. It’s now become a fishing, beach and resort village, and the weather is incredibly nice (though be prepared for extreme humidity and lots of sunscreens, or sunburns, in our case).

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Addressing sexual assault in the United States through the lenses of de Goya’s “Disasters of Wars”

A couple posts back, I wrote about the Blanton Museum of Art here on campus, which is home to some really cool temporary and permanent exhibitions. Last semester, Francisco de Goya’s etchings were here on display, and for one of my classes, I wrote a paper using the themes in his etchings to look at sexual assault in the United States today. It’s definitely a pretty long read — but it’s also a subject that needs to be addressed.

(de Goya, F. 1810-1820. Real Academia Calcografía. Etching. Davidson Galleries.)

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Sweet Tooth: Mung Bean Cake

Mung bean cake is a traditional and popular Chinese dessert, especially during summer, since the main ingredient, mung beans, is known to help protect the body from extreme heat. Technically it’s still the beginning the spring, but tell that to the 90 degrees Texas weather. Of course, recipe/photos courtesy of my mom, who continues to make these lovely desserts as I can only look at from a digital screen…

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forget about our problems for a little while

Every year after Spring Break, UT hosts its 40 Acres Fest, where a number of local bands and a few nationally known ones perform at a music concert held right on campus, and a number of orgs table in front of the tower. The event lasted almost all of Saturday, with a bunch of free food and T-shirts (best part about being a college student, right?) This year, Hunter Hayes was headlining, along with Capyac, Future Thieves, The Mardy Bums and some other local bands.  I only remember Hunter Hayes for one song back in 2012 (I think it was Wanted?), and I’m not particularly a country music person, but it was definitely pretty lit!