no one alive who is you-er than you!

Wishing my brother a happy happy birthday! My little wasabi bean (who is no longer little — he’s the tallest in the family now — but he’s always going to be little in my ❤ ) is turning 14 today, so we made dumplings to celebrate. I’m incredibly slow at making them haha (like, by the time I finished one, my mom was done with a solid seven), and the ones that I made certainly weren’t very attractive, but hey, food is food! My mom also made some really good tiramisu, but I forgot to take photos first so now it’s all gone, LOL.

A few days earlier, we stopped by 40 Tempura Japanese Fusion Grill, a new Japanese place that opened here recently. Between me, my mom and my brother, we got the Spicy Tuna Bowl, and two bento boxes. The price wasn’t too high, considering sushi itself is pretty expensive, and for the $35 that we spent, we definitely had enough food. I’d say that out of all of the Asian restaurants in town, the Japanese ones are my favorite (actually, the Korean ones are pretty good too — maybe I’m just biased against the Chinese ones because after having real Chinese food, I’ve found the Chinese restaurants here too Americanized for my taste…)



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