Wanderlust: Tirano (Italy)

Like I mentioned last time, during our stay at Davos, we signed up for a two-day trip to Tirano, Italy. Tirano is a small town in the province of Sondrio in northern Italy is adjacent to the Switzerland-Italy boundary. Because we weren’t able to stay for long (and the majority of the time we spent on the train), we only managed to walk around some parts of the town, though it is very lovely! I had hoped to put my meager Spanish skills to use, as I had been told Spanish and Italian were very similar. Nonetheless, it only occurred to me how to say “Post Office” in Spanish after I had left Italy…

This was a pretty cool photo I took while we were passing through a tunnel.

This was a pretty cool photo I took while we were passing through a tunnel on the Bernina Express.

We took the Bernina Express, a train connecting Switzerland’s Davos and Italy’s Tirano by crossing the Swiss Alps. The Express runs along the World Heritage Site known as the Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina Landscapes and is also the highest railroad across the Alps, passing glaciers before finally descending into the border of Italy. With panoramic coaches with enlarged windows, it’s perfect for sight-seeing as you travel through the Alps — you’ll get to see Lago Bianco, Lago di Poschiavo and the Brusio spiral viaduct. If you’re interested, the Bernina has an additional stop at Poschiavo, another small Swiss town. I would definitely recommend spending a day with the Bernina Express, though I wish I had spent some more time in Tirano, or just Italy, for that matter. Maybe next time! Up next will be the final series for the Switzerland/Italy series: FOOD!


18 thoughts on “Wanderlust: Tirano (Italy)

  1. mithriluna says:

    Such a wonderful post about the Bernina Express and Tirano. My husband and I took that trip a few years ago and seeing your pictures makes me want to go back. I have not posted about our trip on my blog. Now, I am thinking that maybe I should. Thank you for sharing your trip. 🙂


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