From the ear to the heart: DΞΔN & K-R&B

I’ve done a couple of these music review posts now, but I’m thinking I’ll do more, since my iTunes library has over 2000 songs by hundreds of different artists from different genres. I may not necessarily have the best taste in music, (at one point in my life, the only songs I knew were the 127 Taylor Swift songs, haha) but I do think some of the artists on my playlists deserve a listen (or maybe a few hundred listens) from us!

DΞΔN has become my latest musical muse; he’s absolutely amazing and his voice is just so soothing, beautiful and wonderful.

Born Kwon Hyuk, DΞΔN is a singer-songwriter from South Korea who made his debut first in the U.S. with the single “I’m Not Sorry,” which features Eric Bellinger (and for those of you who don’t know Bellinger, he’s an equally amazing R&B singer who’s won a few Grammies for his work on Chris Brown’s album F.A.M.E. By debuting in the U.S. first, DΞΔN took an different route than most Korean singers: he sought to enter the mainstream U.S. music scene without a solid Korean fanbase. He also became the first Asian artist to perform at Spotify House at SXSW.

Later in 2015,  DΞΔN released his first Korean single Pour Up featuring ZICO from popular boy-band Block B. And dayumm, the beat to this song is so good — definitely perfect if you like to dance, or if you like to pretend to know how to dance. In 2016, his first EP, titled 130 Mood : TRBL, was released, which hit #3 on the U.S. World Charts. 130 Mood : TRBL is an amalgam of hypnotic R&B sounds that take inspiration from Bryson Tiller and The Weeknd. D (Half-moon) and Bonnie&Clyde are favorites off the album, if you want a few suggestions!

His latest song is a collaboration with Zico (again) and Crush (another amazing K-R&B artist) called Bermuda Triangle. The song was released just a few weeks ago and has already topped most of the charts in Korea. AND OMG PLEASE LISTEN TO IT BECAUSE IT’S SO LIT AND YOU’LL PROBS REGRET IT IF YOU SKIP IT. HERE’S THE LINK AGAIN BECAUSE I WOULDN’T WANT THAT TO EVER HAPPEN YOU. 

13/10 would recommend DΞΔN if you enjoy: 

Genre: R&B, chill hip-hop music
Artists: Bryson Tiller, The Weeknd, Drake, Usher, Timbaland



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