taste your words before you spit them out

Here’s certainly an interesting way to put things in perspective.

In Lima, Peru, Everlast conducted a social experiment: identify frequent catcallers and locate their mom. Then, they disguised the mother, and sent her walking past her son. When the catcallers began to jeer at the women (who were their mothers), the women immediately retracted their steps and began to scold their kids.

In other words, treat others the way you would treat your mother, but really, we should all just treat everyone the same way — with respect and compassion.


3 thoughts on “taste your words before you spit them out

  1. aliz97 says:

    Entirely agree! And especially with what happened after Donald Trump’s leaked tapes, and how people would denounce him by beginning with ‘I have a mother and four daughters and this is unacceptable.’ Like no, this is unacceptable because no women should be talked about like this, ever.


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