A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies

While walking around in a park in China, I came across this lil’ gem:



I’d never seen one of these things before — of course, I’m sure they exist outside of this one park in China —  but I’m absolutely in love with both the idea and execution of this station. What a smart and convenient way to both promote and encourage reading to new and returning readers. All that’s required is a card, similar to any regular library card — which anyone can sign up for at the screen inside the station, and the desire to further one’s knowledge!

Personally, I haven’t seen anything of this sort in the States yet, but imagine the potential: these stations could work in conjunction with the local library (or through donations) and can be stocked with a variety of books (from classics to award-winners to those romance novels in grocery stores) to appeal to all members of the public. Placed around the city, these stations could be accessed by anyone with a library card  at any time. Sure, Kindles and eBooks are popular and just as easy to use, but nothing beats flipping through the pages of a good ol’ book. 🙂


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