This is not where it ends

Here it is, my last official blog assignment of my high school career, in which I dedicated a blog post to my blog.

(Yes, I know that this was due two weeks ago.
Yes, my grade can most definitely handle a zero at this point.
And yes, I did just graduate three days ago.)

Truthfully, I was just going to ride out the wave that was senior year; after all, I had been diagnosed early on  with a severe case of senioritis.

But for some reason, not writing this last post didn’t seem right, and maybe it’s because this blog has grown into something bigger than an assignment.

I began this blog two years ago, the fall of 2014, because the junior English teachers decided to try giving us weekly assignments through blog posts, so that we would have more experience in expressing our thoughts (in a casual setting). I remember sitting there while my friends came up with great blog names (see Name in the Wind or The Odd Hope). When my friends asked me what I liked most, I said ‘smiles’ and ‘kittens’ (still true) and so my blog name became thus: Smiles and Kittens. (I did get a lot of traffic from poor cat lovers who accidentally stumbled upon my blog in search for cute cat videos–which, to be fair, I did have some).

That first year (or, half a year), my blog was read 1800 times by people from 16 different countries. And that’s when I realized the potential this blog had, and more importantly, that I had. I could touch the lives of those around the world just from my computer screen and through my words. Most of my works and writing have only ever been viewed by my close friends, family and teachers, but here, the world could see it. So I decided, “Hell yes. I’m going to make this blog into my personal-but-not-personal-diary.”

In 2015, I began publishing posts about my travels, recipes and food cravings, and my reactions to the current political situation as well as other issues. My blog hit 87 countries (!!!) and I thought, “You know what? I think I like this, this idea that maybe my words might just be important to some people.” So I kept blogging, both for school and outside. Certainly, the number of my posts died down, to where I was only blogging about school assignments (I told you, senioritis is real and I caught it).

Finally, this time of year rolled around, only this time, I would never have another “blog assignment” ever. I’m a high school graduate now, and this blog is now, well, just another blog on the internet, and the one guaranteed reader I had (my teacher, that is) won’t be checking it either.

I could have left this blog as is, just floating around on the web, but I just can’t give it up. I would, however, like to change something: I have finally thought of a good blog name after these two years, and I present:

"All the Beautiful Times"

Yes, I realize that that is indeed a lyric from a Taylor Swift song. Yes, I know I’m obsessed. But it reminds me of all the beautiful times that we (my blog and I) shared together, at midnight (like right now) where I would be frantically typing my thoughts before they flew away). More importantly, it’s a reminder of all the beautiful times to come.

I can only hope that this blog will be loved by you guys as much as I love it! And please, keep checking back because there WILL be new content in the future. Love you guys so much! ❤


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