Fearless: How Taylor Swift and I became friends, or so I like to believe

Fearless –Taylor Swift’s second album, my first album that I owned, and my attitude towards singing. Fifth-grade me liked to think that constantly screeching along to whatever song on the radio would somehow send me spiraling into the world of celebrity musicians, and I could often be found singing in front of the mirror, in the shower, in the car, in the backyard, in my room, at the park. Basically, anywhere.

Unfortunately, I have a vocal range of about…three or four notes. Thus, singing along to the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne always resulted in sore throats and heavy breathing. That is, until I had stumbled upon a little jewel one day— Taylor Swift. Finally, here was someone that I liked AND could sing along to. It didn’t matter that I was singing about girlfriends and boyfriends, break-ups and make-ups.

Now, this was probably post-iPod era, but I was that one child who carried around those mini-radios, the ones that you get by sending in stickers collected from cereal boxes. (Wow. I feel so old.) Anyways, they did do the job, but it required me constantly fiddling around with the earbuds to make sure I wasn’t listening to static, a lot of moving around to make sure I could get service to Candy 95, and not much choice in the music selection. It did not make for easy singing.

So on a trip to Target with my mom and $13.99 scraped together from pennies behind couches and chore wages, I managed to convince my mom to let me buy Taylor Swift’s Fearless. My mom told me that I was a good singer as long as I wasn’t too close to her, and definitely used my love for singing and Taylor Swift to her advantage: if I were doing chores, she would allow me to sing and listen to Taylor as loud as I wanted. But ONLY if I were doing chores.

taylor-swift-removes-all-her-albums-from-spotify2I like to say that I have terrible taste in music, which I probably do compared to some of my friends. But hey, here’s a nice, pretty and generous pop star who writes all her songs, all of which I can sing along to and dance along to. Taylor and I’ve both come a long way since 2008, and it does kind of make me proud to say I was a Swiftie before she exploded in popularity.

Despite having all 117 of songs memorized by heart, I still like to pull out Fearless every once in a while, which often ends up in me debating myself whether I like country-pop-Taylor or pure-pop-Taylor.

And as of today, I’ve been a fan for almost eight years. Fearless sits in a coveted position on my nightstand, along with my only other four albums. Need I mention that they’re all Taylor Swift albums? Probably not.


8 thoughts on “Fearless: How Taylor Swift and I became friends, or so I like to believe

  1. M Russo says:

    As far as TSwift goes, 1989 is my favorite hands down, but I do enjoy listening to some of her previous work. She was one of the earliest albums I bought, shortly after Beyonce, and the Pinkprint, and it definitely was one of the best buys (although listening to “out of the woods” on my walks through lick creek does seem a bit ironic).


  2. spham529 says:

    Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” is the first album I bought too! I remember bounding excitedly into Target with my mom just to buy this album. By the first week I had all the lyrics memorized (and still do). I went through a phase where I didn’t listen to Taylor Swift that much, though that only lasted a short time. I really enjoy her new album 1989 which also has me questioning if I like country-pop Taylor or pure-pop Taylor. Needless to say, I always enjoy listening to Fearless because of the nostalgia it brings.

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    • aliz97 says:

      That’s so cool that this was both of our’s first album! I think I went through that same phase as you, but it was during her her third album, Red. I didn’t particularly enjoy the pop songs from that album, but 1989 is definitely among my favorites! Nice to know I’m not the only Taylor Swift fan here! 🙂


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