Thanks, everyone, for giving me yet another Thanksgiving I can give thanks for

Thanks, guys. Thanks for giving me so much. I suppose now I have to give thanks in return. 🙂It’s that time of year again, the time for eating too much food, shopping until you literally drop, watching football and of course, getting together with friends and family.

And being thankful. Because that’s definitely the most important aspect of Thanksgiving, right? Thanks giving? Giving thanks?

So after my not-so-subtle hint that too many people nowadays don’t stop and think about everything they have and being grateful for them (yes, I’m occasionally guilty of that), I’ll proceed and make my “What am I thankful for?” list and remember every day after today that I’m a very fortunate person (even if my brother stole that last cookie).

(In all honesty, I’m not an ungrateful person. Trust me… 🙂 )

1. My family. (This includes all pets and stuffed animals.) Of course my family would go first. They’ve been by my side since day one, through any and all ups and downs.  They were there when I broke my nose trying to prove that I could jump off the slide back when I was four, they laughed with me when I failed the yearly piano competition when I was 5 (as well as the later 11 competitions. But that’s OK. One closed door is another open door.) and they were there when I celebrated my seventeen birthday. Thanks Mom, for baking desserts with me at 11:00 p.m. on test nights and for listening to me complain about my teenage-life crises. Thanks Dad, for forcing me to watch every single thunderstorm that has passed over our roof and to walk with you in the park every night (even if I had 5 tests the next day) to discuss philosophical questions. Yes, I don’t like exercising, but I wouldn’t trade our thunderstorm-watching or philosophical-walking sessions for anything else. (Especially not homework.) Thanks, Allen, for being the perfect little brother. (I still have a scar from that time we fought like the world was going to end.) Thanks for being by my side in the time-out corner where we’d make fun of our parents the whole time, for forming the SF (stealing food) club with me (You’re still president. 🙂 ), and for always buying me more chocolate than you do for anyone else.  And lastly, thanks to every single one of my stuffed animals for calming me during dark nights and drying my tears (and snot) during sad days. To my other family (aka, the newspaper staff), being with you guys every day, exchanging ideas, talking, laughing and hanging out at late nights has made my high school career so memorable. I found a second home with you guys. ❤

2. My friends. Ellen, Marley, Ann, Minha, Stephanie, Erika, Rachel, Diya, Max, Danielle and everyone else who I couldn’t add to this post or else it’d just be full of names but have made an impact on my life. We’ve had our troubles too (remember freshman year?), but you guys were the ones who never failed to bring a smile to my face every day. In the midst of crazy school work and all-nighters, you guys were there with me. You may not realize it, but you guys were the ones who made me the person that I am today. (Yes. That sounds cheesy. But it’s true.) And we call each other stupid names, but in the end, we love each other. It’s a mutual understanding, but actually pausing and thinking about it makes me realize just how much y’all mean to me. So thanks guys.


3. My teachers. From my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Mahnke, to all seven of my current teachers, you guys have made my education worthwhile. Though I may not remember everything from my classes (sorry, Texas History), I can assure you I’ve learned how to become a better person from watching you guys help me shape my life. Mrs. Faith, thanks for driving me home that one day I missed the bus and taking me to pick up your sons. What you said to me in the car ride home I will never forget. “Don’t worry about what you’re going to be in the future. Just follow your heart. It’ll come to you one day.” Lindner, you’re tied for my favorite English teacher with Mrs. Carroway. Your class is one of those that I know I will never forget. 🙂

(Now, on to nonliving things.)

4. Food. Tex-Mex. Chinese. Food is food. Food is life. Food is me.

5. Books. Without them, life is boring. Without them, we forget. Without them, we become ignorant. Thanks Austen, Twain, Hawthorne and the rest of you authors. And good luck to all aspiring authors. You can do it, my sophomore English teacher! (Is this still a secret? If so, oops.)

6. Music. That’s everyone, from Arctic Monkeys to Hozier to Taylor Swift. (Ok, no. Not everyone. Not iceJJfish. If you do click in this link, don’t hate me. You’ve been warned.)

That just about rounds up my list.

And seeing this makes me realize just how much I have.

Thanks so much, guys.


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