Normal human being

Love all. Hate none. That’s it.

After telling the world of my biggest flaws (read all about it here), I think it’s about time to pat myself on my back for the good things I have done. As Kristin Chenoweth said, if you can learn to love yourself, you can love other people so much better. And that makes all of us happy. 🙂 Anyways, on to what I admire most about myself (and about a lot of other people).


I grew up in a small city in Texas. At my elementary school, my friends were mostly white, religious and rich. I’m not saying that that’s a bad combination, but it just so happened that another of my friends did not fit that mold. She was Buddhist. For a long time, I saw seven year olds trying to practice proselytism by claiming that she would go to a bad place, that Buddha was half frog and half woman, and that she could no longer be their friends anymore.

I didn’t tell them that I was atheist.

We grew older, and started middle school, which is already notorious for its extremely judgmental students. Whenever people found out a student was a homosexual, they would run away from them in the hallways, hide from them in the locker rooms and point and whisper about them in classrooms. And I jumped on that bandwagon, thinking that I’d be cool if I did.

Then I asked myself why I disliked homosexuals. Because my classmates did. Their reasons? Because their parents did.

It occurred to me that I was being an idiot. An idiot for disliking a group of people just because someone told me to. An idiot for not being able to make my own opinions. An idiot for having eyes, but not seeing.

Since then, I’ve tried to be more open-minded. I listen. To everyone’s story, to everyone’s experiences, and to everyone’s feelings. And found myself being around more openminded people.

Some of my closest friends now are the exact people who would not fit “the mold.” But then again, what mold is there? There is no single characteristic that can fit everyone.

Wait. There is. We’re all human.

I am openminded. I am just a normal human being.


6 thoughts on “Normal human being

  1. boots1958 says:

    I really liked the ending of your blog post. It summed everything up and put a perspective on things that we often ignore. I try to listen to every side of a story before I decide which side I am going to support, but I have never really thought about what makes me decide a certain way. Sure, it is my preference but exactly where I learned to get that preference from? I have never thought of the argument from this side before, and I really liked how you brought it to light.
    I also liked your statement about how we all share the characteristic of being human beings, because I have never really thought of the term “human being” to describe the characteristic of a human being but it is definitely true; this is one thing we are sure everybody has in common.

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  2. jkharris97 says:

    I think living in a fairly small town like we do, it’s really easy to conform to the norm and just do what everyone else is doing. I mean it definitely saves yourself a lot of judgement and loneliness. But the fact that you had the courage to really stand up to what you believe is right and your true convictions is really awesome. I wish more people would. Being open minded and being honest about it would take the world far. I’m digressing, but don’t be too hard on yourself for what you’ve done in the past; everyone did some things they weren’t proud of in middle school. Those were the true Dark Ages.

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  3. M Russo says:

    I can also see how smart and informed you are on current events (which makes it clear why you guys won UIL last year). Also, you are a great friend, and I’m sure (well, know) this Buddhist still values your friendship; I know I do.
    Anyways, don’t beat yourself over what you did in the past. (I don’t think you are, which is A+ work). You are an AMAZING person now and that’s what’s important.
    Love Ya

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